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The Bicok EcoLodge MINDO – ECUADOR

The Bicok Ecolodge is located in the Mindo Valley just at the entrance of the village. Just a 5 minute walk away.

The Lodge was created in 2015 with the help of 3 people over a record time of 9 months. The challenge was to create the healthiest resort and the closest to nature with local materials. For this, we used materials such as bamboo, wood, stone and pajatoquilla, which is used as thatch, to give the hotel a traditional aesthetic that fits perfectly with its surroundings. In addition, we pay particular attention to our waste and recycle the whole. Mindo is in the declared biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It is therefore essential for us to preserve our living and working environment.

The Hostel will enchant you with its tranquility and prime location. Your accommodation is private with all the amenities to spend a dream stay.

Come discover this incredible fauna and flora in a climate of pure air.


The Ecolodge enjoys a privileged location at the foot of a mountain slope. The hotel is only 400 meters from the village center, which can be reached by a small bridge over the Rio Canchupi. The Bicok  is a place for peace and quiet that coincides with birds, butterflies, frogs, lizards and insects of all kinds. Every night we make a chimney fire for your pleasure and ours. For us the central fireplace represents the meeting place of people who want to connect with others and have a good time.

The place is a peaceful  in the heart of nature to have a good time, the time to stay in Mindo. Take this incredible opportunity to discover a bio-diversity that you will not encounter any time soon.

Mindo is a place of choice in many ways, including the discovery of an environment that is still extremely well preserved and accessible just two hours from Quito.