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 In the Valley of Mindonature activities

All these activities are accessible with a ticket that can be purchased in the village of Mindo agencies or enjoy our local association. The Bicok Ecolodge is able to join him in these efforts.

They dare to let go safely in the air for a moment of excitement. Discover the village seen from above and fly over the lush Mindo. Adventure of living.

Climb aboard the cable car and fly over the Mindo forest to reach the natural trails and discover fabulous waterfalls. Walking with well-being, health and discovery.
Without forgetting a night walk to observe insects and nocturnal mammals. Mindo will be able to offer you the most incredible stay here in Ecuador.
Our Bicok team will be very happy to help you practice all of these activities.                                            paradis

What to do


La Bicok ecoLodge works with government agencies Mindo tours with the following rates.

Butterfly                                                         $7.50

Canopy                                                             $20.00

tubing                                                               $6.00

colibries                                                          $4.00

tour del chocolate el quetzal                 $10.00

horses                                                              $12.00

tour del chocolate yumbo                         $8.00

canyoning                                                       $15.00

waterfalls y tarabita                                    $5.00

NIGHT EXCURSION                                             $15.00

BIKing                                                                $12.00

Frog concert                                                  $6.00

Massage                                                            $45.00


The Mindo cloud forest is one of the most stunning destinations in Ecuador. This cloud forest is part of a very unique ecosystem, considered to be one of the richest in diversity of birds and plants. Its location close to the city of Quito makes it one of the most famous destinations for nature lovers. Here you will not only enjoy the fascinating beauty of the forest, but you will also have the opportunity to do some outdoor activities. It’s a fun journey for the entire family and a relaxing place where you will be in harmony with nature.

After trekking through this charming forest, we will return to Mindo for lunch, and after that we’ll visit the butterfly garden. Here you will be able to observe many different species of butterflies that live in the cloud forest, and you’ll also be able to watch them in each stage of their growing process, from small larva to incredible butterflies with gorgeous colors.